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Since ancient times, the Vampirics and the Banefuls had been locked in a vicious battle for supremacy. Eventually, the Banefuls (whose blood had evolved over time) and the Vampirics (who induced evolution by absorbing the blood of others) fell into decline, with few members surviving to carry on this eternal struggle. Among those who did survive, however, were two pairs of sisters who were being manipulated to kill one another by the diabolical Queen Carmilla of the Vampiric Clan. Although they fought as enemies, the two pairs eventually realized they were being deceived and turned their weapons toward Carmilla herself. With four against one, the evil queen fell, and the battle seemed to be over...

Yet despite defeating their common enemy, sisters Kagura and Saaya still commenced their showdown with opposing sisters Aya and Saki -- bad blood between the Vampirics and their rival Banefuls made this struggle a virtual inevitability from the start, and it seemed almost as if there were fated to be no survivors of this desperate fight. As the girls all stared into one another's eyes, however, a woman in an iron mask suddenly entered the scene, demolishing the chamber floor beneath their feet. The two pairs of sisters fell down to the underbelly of the castle, catching for one brief moment a single glimpse of the mastermind behind this attack: a woman who was sitting on Carmilla's erstwhile empty throne, flashing an absolutely audacious smile...



  • AYA

  • SAKI

  • ANNA






  • ANZU







The Skimpily-Dressed Older Vampiric Sister A reckless Vampiric girl who's always looking for a fight...

JP VO: Miyuki Sawashiro/EN VO: Amanda Miller

One of the heroines from the first part of Chapter Z. Her mother was a Baneful, possessing blood capable of making her go berserk, while her father was of the Vampiric Clan, bearing mysterious powers. The name ""Kagura"" comes from her mother, who was Japanese. Kagura had been serving Queen Carmilla, and was taught that the Banefuls were their sworn enemies who deserved nothing less than total annihilation. In the first part of Chapter Z, by order of Carmilla, Kagura tried to assassinate the Baneful sisters Aya and Saki, blaming them for the emergence of the undead. But in time, she came to find that Carmilla was a traitor who was planning to eliminate everyone involved in the conflict – herself included. Seeing no other choice, she took up arms against her boss and queen, ultimately defeating Carmilla in battle. She has a simple nature and is always driven by her insatiable desire to fight the strongest of foes.


The Innocent Younger Vampiric Sister A tall girl with a small presence but a big chainsaw...

JP VO: Miyuki Sawashiro/EN VO: Shelby Lindley

Just like her older sister (or half-sister, as it were), Saaya is a half-breed born of a Baneful woman and a Vampiric man. Her mother is not the same as Kagura's, but both were Japanese women, and like Kagura, this is the origin of Saaya's distinctly ethnic name. She and Kagura were separated when they were little, but with the help of the Bullard Foundation, they were eventually reunited. In the first part of Chapter Z, she and Kagura went to Japan to assassinate Aya and Saki, but found out that Carmilla and Vlad had been deceiving them all along. So, naturally, it didn't take long before Carmilla and Vlad were no more! Compared to Kagura, Saaya is something of a pacifist and always tries to remain calm and level-headed. However, since she loves her sister so deeply and unconditionally, she'll sometimes get swept away by those feelings and let her passions shine forth.


The Cool Older Baneful Sister The original heroine has returned...

JP VO: Yuko Kaida/EN VO: Nicole Karrer

Aya is one of the last members of the Banefuls, and the first heroine of the Onechanbara series. She's a skilled swordmaster who's made her living as an assassin, but has chosen to take a break from that life in order to hunt the undead. In the first part of Chapter Z, Carmilla had made it seem like Aya was responsible for the undead invasion, ultimately luring out the Vampiric sisters Kagura and Saaya. No one knows why Aya suddenly took the stage again, however, after she'd been living the life of a hermit for several years. She has no interest in the conflict between the Banefuls and the Vampirics and has no real desire to fight against Kagura and Saaya, but she won't hesitate to use her skills to get out of trouble if the situation calls for them. And with the undead still running rampant even after Carmilla's defeat, she's determined to learn who's responsible for this current state of affairs. She has a witty personality and is generally easygoing, but she's more than happy to turn all that off and get down to business when she has a mission to take care of.


The Raging Younger Baneful Sister A young assassin with naught but madness in her heart...

JP VO: Nao Takamori/EN VO: Cherami Leigh

Saki is Aya's half-sister and one of the last surviving members of the Baneful Blood. She now spends almost all of her time with her sister despite having originally fought against her (due to the Baneful in Saki's blood running far deeper than in Aya's). She takes pleasure in killing the undead and feels no remorse when assassinating the living. Deep down, she is stark raving mad, but she'll occasionally show the world a more innocent side. Rest assured, however, that it's entirely for show. In the first part of Chapter Z, she and her sister were relentlessly hunted down by Kagura and Saaya.


JP VO: Kazusa Amagai/EN VO: Julie Ann Taylor

Aya's best friend, Anna, has been an operative in the government-run special ops program known as the "Zombie Punitive Forces" (Z.P.F. for short) since the beginning, and her skills are generally considered to be the best of the best. Though she leads the entire team, she does so remotely, communicating with the two pairs of sisters via radio and even remote-controlling helicopters to come to their aid as needed.

Master Cho

JP VO: Uo Ken/EN VO: Victor Sgroi

A person who once lived in a temple deep within the mountains. No one knows exactly where he learned it, but he seems to be quite knowledgeable in the ways of black magic. One day, after summoning undead spirits, he found he was unable to control them, and they wound up ending his life. Evange, however, didn't care to leave him in such a state. Intent upon controlling Jiangshi, she used Baneful Blood to turn him undead, then charged him with guarding the command tower. Whether or not Master Cho would approve of this transformation is unknown, as he no longer possesses the will to say.


VO: Uo Ken

A strange undead spirit that appears exclusively in bamboo forests. It is the physical manifestation of the evil residing deep within the hearts of the temple monks. Jiangshi are much stronger than other undead spirits, and -- no surprises here -- they are currently under Evange's control. At first, it was difficult for Evange to manipulate them, but all it took was a bit of binding via talisman, and presto! Jiangshi servants.


VO: Uo Ken

An enormous, strange-looking man who lives in the desert. The bottom half of his body resembles that of a scorpion. Originally a member of the Baneful Bloodline, Abdul volunteered for a variety of experiments that caused him to lose control of his blood's power, warping his mind and body alike. During the war between the Banefuls and Vampirics, he was a mere pawn -- but thanks to his strong body, he was able to hide and survive, even in the harsh desert climate. Over time, the locals began to secretly regard him as a god of war, and Evange took advantage of his fragile state to rob him of any reason or sense he had left, making him well and truly her servant. His outfit was given to him by a woman back when he still knew who he was, though he has no recollection of her (nor himself) anymore.


VO: Uo Ken

A titanic bio-weapon born of the Vampiric Clan in ancient times. It resembles a dragon, and was created specifically as a weapon to use against the Baneful Bloodline. Wielding a large battle axe soaked in copious amounts of blood, Basalmudora also possesses a high intelligence and is capable of fully controlling fireballs. It is similar to a Jabberwock in size, but since it has Baneful Blood flowing through it, its Vampiric urge has risen to such an extent that it feeds off of Quetzalcoatl and other large weapons like itself to survive. Ultimately deemed a failure due to its dangerous nature, it was sealed away in a ruin. While Evange was researching the Vampiric Clan, however, she happened upon this ruin and decided to take advantage of the "treasure" sealed within, resurrecting the enormous beast.


Sayaka JP VO: Kazusa Amagai/EN VO: Jessica Straus

An undead spirit who feeds at the "Gate of Impurity" -- a dimensional veil where all the world's negative energy gathers. A physical manifestation of the grudge held by assassin sisters who were killed at a young age, she's been repeatedly summoned to do the bidding of others, but always manages to keep her own will due to the sheer strength of her determination. Anzu is not her real sister, but since they get along so well, they treat one another as actual family. Their weapons are said to be holdovers from their lives as assassins, and both Sayaka and Anzu wield them well. Sayaka's hobby is karaoke, but every time she tries to sing, she gets an irresistible urge to destroy the machine. As such, she's never actually finished a song.


Anzu JP VO: Kazusa Amagai/EN VO: Julie Ann Taylor

An undead spirit who feeds at the "Gate of Impurity" -- a dimensional veil where all the world's negative energy gathers. Originally a low-tier undead spirit, after being summoned by Saki and receiving the Baneful Blood, she is now very much upper-tier. Though unstable, she has her own will and has grown at a remarkable rate. Every time she previously appeared, however, she was always defeated by Aya. And every time this happened, she lost her memory. Eventually, she started to think of Sayaka as her true older sister. Now that Evange has summoned her into the world again, she's decided to push aside all the other undead spirits and become the number one most beautiful zombie in the world. This may not end well.


JP VO: Yuko Satou/EN VO: Jessica Straus

Evange is one of the last surviving members of the Baneful Blood. She's very powerful and in the first part of Chapter Z, she fanned the flames of conflict between the Vampirics and the Banefuls and hatched a plan that more or less drove Carmilla out of her mind. She has the rest of the Banefuls under her control and there's a rumor she's creating an elite force of zombies...but no one is quite sure why. Aya briefly witnessed her sitting on the throne in Vlan Castle just before falling several stories into the rocky catacombs below.


JP VO: Asuka Hataya/EN VO: Julie Ann Taylor

Misha is one of the last members of the Baneful Blood and serves Evange loyally. She uses a greatsword in battle. It's known that she's of the Banefuls, but aside from that, her background is a complete mystery. It seems she's lost her memory completely, but perhaps driven by the blood that flows within her veins, she still tries with all her might to kill Aya and Saki. She appears in Vlan Castle with Evange and interrupts the fight, destroying the floor of the chamber and knocking all four girls deep into the castle's underbelly.


VO: Uo Ken

Its body is made up of countless zombies and its size is beyond massive. And then there's its strength, which is several cuts above that of any other zombie -- perhaps due to the fact that the beings comprising it are still "alive," adding to its overall power. The zombies within the Hekatonkheir all have Baneful Blood, too, which means one limb may literally be at odds with another on what to do, often causing the overall creature to move in grotesque, illogical ways. So while the Baneful sisters are always in sync, Hekatonkheir is quite the opposite -- but its power and veritable immortality make it a truly formidable living weapon nonetheless.


VO: Uo Ken

A zombie that has been made bigger and significantly powered up. It cannot function in battle unless it extracts the toxins from its body. These toxins double as viable weapons, but they're no match for the combined power of four girls who bear the Baneful Blood! Gigases are unable to be powered up any more than they already have been, so they're sometimes used as resources to help boost the abilities of other monsters.


VO: Uo Ken

A beast originally created by Carmilla. Evange then cloned it and used it to guard the gates of various important locations. It has been strengthened through experiments with the Baneful Blood and now has a more terrifying appearance than ever, along with sheer murderous intent.

Zombie-Slaying Action has Never Looked So Good

The bikini samurai squad of Onechanbara return armed with a plethora of new moves and new demonic transformations called “Dare Drive” or “Xtasy” for short bursts of intense power.

Four Lovely Ladies, Four Unique Playing Styles

Each of the playable ladies has her own unique weapons and abilities, and players may tag-team among them on the fly or even perform team combos.

Tons of Customization and Replay Options

In addition to the series’ most involved storyline to date, Mission Mode provides specific challenges to complete, with skilled gameplay unlocking Yellow Orbs that can be exchanged for new gear and outfits to help earn a top spot in the online leaderboards.

A Suave, Stylish Soundtrack Supported by Dual-Language Voice-Acting

In addition to the funkiest, catchiest and most outlandish soundtrack the franchise has ever known, players may also choose whether to enjoy the gameplay experience with the original Japanese voices or – for the first time in series history – a full English dub.

Renewed Game Systems

Several new battle systems have been added to Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, and the existing systems have evolved as well. Let's take a look at these in more detail, shall we?


Not only can you switch among the four protagonists during battle, you can now let several characters join in on the action at the same time by activating a Cross Merge Combination.


At the beginning of the game, only two characters can join together in simultaneous combat, but as the game progresses, you can bring in up to four characters at once. And all four of them are ready and rearing to go! This title is entirely single-player, so one person is controlling all four characters, justifying the game's subtitle: it truly is Chaos. Players who have a penchant for action games will be able to perform any combination at any time, and players who don't will learn as they go, improving their skills slowly over time and becoming true masters of the Cross Merge.

Timing is Everything: CROSS MERGE COMBINATION 3

Players can activate Cross Merge Combinations for any characters whose Cross Merge Gauges on the top-left corner of the screen are at max. These gauges will fill automatically over time, moving a little quicker for the character who was chosen first than for the one chosen last. So when deciding on a marching order at the start of any mission, players are influencing their fates in ways that could have serious ramifications down the line...

QTK (Quick Time Kill)

QTKs, where you perform special attacks against certain types of huge enemies (such as minibosses and stage bosses), have returned...and evolved! When an enemy's life gauge dips low, an on-screen prompt will be shown, and players will have to match it using the touch pad on the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller! And just so no one feels left out, the final blow against any given enemy will often involve all four sisters at once, in a spectacular display of gore and badassery!

Dare Drive/Xtasy

Dare Drive is a transformation and awakening that takes place within the Vampiric Clan, triggered by absorbing large quantities of blood from the Banefuls. Xtasy is likewise a transformation and awakening for the Banefuls that calls forth their true power, triggered by the transfusion of blood from the Vampiric Clan. Once a member of either faction transforms, her attack speed and power alike both greatly increase. Best of all, the Ecstasy Gauge keeps filling up during this whole process! But on the flipside, the subject's vitality will gradually drop at the same time, perhaps due to the stress this transformation places on her body. In the worst case scenario, transformation could result in death -- but it's hard to say no to such a huge power boost, risk or no!

Overwhelming Combos: COOL COMBINATION

During any combo, pressing the next button with perfect timing will make the combo-bearer's hands glow blue and change her attack to a Cool Combination attack, which raises her attack speed and power and allows for some radically rhythmic beatdowns. If players can manage to string together a chain of all COOL attacks, they can perform a final move that can't be used in regular combinations -- which not only feels awesome, but fully refreshes that character's weapon as well!

Consecutive Ultimate Attacks: ULTIMATE COMBINATION

On the last hit of a Cool Combination attack, switching characters at just the right moment will cause the newly-selected character to enter the scene performing the final move of her own Cool Combination. This can be chained up to three times in a row, creating a situation where four different characters perform their ultimate attacks in turn and absolutely annihilate the enemy!

Turning the Tides of Battle: ECSTASY COMBINATION

Fill the Ecstasy Gauge by dealing damage to an enemy and let your ecstasy flow! The gauge will decrease over time, but the fuller it is, the stronger the attacks it can unleash. When used in the right place at the right time, it can be a real game changer!

Tracking an Enemy at Lightning Speed: CHASE

Jumping in an instant toward the currently-locked target (or any enemies in your character's field of vision) is known as "Chasing." It's the fastest move in the game, and with it, whole battlefields full of enemies can be leveled in no time flat. It's also good for crowd control and can be used to start an air combo -- and it's a great way to move and attack at the same time, to boot!




Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is the newest title in a long-running series of B-movie zombie-slaying bikini vampire opuses, and the second act of its ongoing narrative's critically-acclaimed "Chapter Z." New actions and new game systems have been added and -- at long last -- the old and new characters get to fight together for the very first time! Beginning with the addition of "Cross Merge Combinations," where up to four characters are controlled at once, players are now more in control of the series' main protagonists than ever before.

And since the graphics are in full HD with a silky smooth framerate, these beautifully drawn ladies will cut down the undead with sexy, speedy motions that'll make even the most hardened gamer's head spin. The criminal mastermind of the previous chapter has finally shown herself, too, and will challenge our heroines as the strongest foe the series has seen to date, leading everything to one inevitable conclusion:


All retail launch units in North America will come packaged with an 80 page ‘Behind the Bikini’ art book featuring artwork from both Onechanbara Z: Kagura and Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, a music collection CD containing 25 songs pulled from both games, as well as a DLC code to download the racy Strawberries & Banana costume.

The special outfit is something we like to call “Strawberry Banana Surprise,” and here’s a good way to envision it since we won’t be posting the picture here:

You might eat fruit off the table like it's nothing special...but think back: don't you remember the excitement you felt when you ate fruit for the very first time?

"Strawberry Banana Surprise" is a costume designed to bring you back to that passionate, sweet moment in time by putting fruit directly on the characters.

A thick, long banana decorates each character's lower body, rising up like it's piercing the sky and radiating a confidence and kindness that makes women want to fall into your arms for reasons they can't adequately explain.

Each girl's chest, then, is "covered" with strawberries; cute, tiny strawberries that hide (or replace?) her most delicate parts, reminding us all that despite the hulking mass of adulthood these badass women possess, they still have a tender side that is not openly shown to the outside world.

With Strawberry Banana Surprise, you might fall in love with fruit all over again. But if you want to make sure it's yours, we'd recommend you preorder the game, because somebody's bound to gobble these up before too long...